In our post of today we are going to explain briefly the manufacturing process of our product, and in upcoming posts we will explain you more in detail the raw materials we use as well as the different kind of shoe construction (Goodyear Welted, Blake Stitch y Kiowa).

Shoe industry mixes the traditional manufacturing art with the latest technologies.

It is such an atomized and specialized sector, in which each factory manufactures one single part of the productive process.

But all of this starts much before, when our Design Department draws sketches of what finally will become the ending product.

Only when the designs are fully polished the last maker takes the action, making the lasts in which finally the shoe will be manufactured.

Once the designs are ready for production and the last´s comfortability is tested the pure manufacturing process stars.

First the previously carefully selected leathers and suedes are cut with a laser machine to ensure a perfect finish touch, then the resulting pieces are manually sewn by experts on that task.

Then this sewn parts are mounted together in the lasts. Finally the sole is stitch to this and, VOILA!